We are a friendly group of amateur dancers dedicated to practising and preserving the folk dances of the Balkan region, that area of south-east Europe that includes Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Albania and FYR Macedonia.

Our group was formed in the 1960s by ex-prisoners of war from the Balkans, and has run continuously ever since, juggling a wish to retain the fund of older dances with the desire to expand the collective group knowledge of the very different styles and rhythms within the Balkan countries.

Some of our dancers are beginners, others are very experienced, all are welcoming and keen to share their enthusiasm. We dance easier dances in the earlier part of the evening, saving the more difficult dances for later!

Our former instructor, Roger, had a stroke in May 2008. Since then our group has been taught by Stephie and Sally, with other members often leading their own favourite dances.